Henley Achill Inset Boiler Stove 17.1kw - Boiler Stove, Inset, Solid Fuel, 17-20 Kw, Matt, Black, No External Air

(Best Seller) Henley Achill- Inset Boiler Stove, Solid Fuel, 21.0 kW

  • €1,580.00

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The Achill Boiler Insert stove is the larger insert boiler stove added to the Henley Stoves range using the hugely popular Achill insert stove styling and finish. The Achill Boiler Insert stove provides up to 73.3% efficiency whilst heating your water and your home.

The Achill Boiler Insert stove supplies an impressive 15.9 kW to the water and 5.1 kW to the room.

The Achill is a Multi-fuel Insert Boiler which is capable of heating up to 10 Single radiators on the 17.1kW and up to 13/14 radiators on the 21kW version. It is primarily designed to heat water to radiators.


Steel Construction

Primary and Secondary burn to improve efficiency 

Large Externally Controlled Riddling Grate

Burns Wood or Solid Fuel

Stainless steel ash pan 



Output: 21kW
(15.9kw Water / 5.1kw)

Width: 537mm

Height: 542mm

Depth: 350mm

Flue: 150mm

Note: We would strongly encourage that a radiator be fitted in the room whee this stove is installed in order to ensure maximum output.

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