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Boru - Carraig Mór 20 kW Contemporary

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16kW to water 4kW to room
Let’s face it when it comes to boiler stoves the can look a bit boring! Can you imagine a traditional boiler stove in your new project? You already have the sleek design, the lush fabrics and that amazing new sofa. You’ve put so much effort into the room don’t just settle for a room heater because of typical traditional designs. If you want clean lines and a minimalist look then look no further. The star of the show in the all new Carraig Mór Contemporary is the unobstructed view of the fire. The only problem you will have is that you won’t get a chance to admire the rest of your hard work because you will be drawn back to the hypnotic flames time and time again!
  • Large viewing area
  • Large ash tray for easy removal and minimum mess
  • Thermostaticall controlled as standard
  • Cool touch handle
  • Canopy Options available
  •  Separate Log Box available
  • Optional Leg Heights
  • Wood burning and multi-fuel options available
  • 6" Flue Pipe
  • 6 year extended warranty upon product registration
  • 77% Efficiency rating (Based on wood)

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