Heat Design Vitae 6kw - Non-Boiler Stove, Inset, Solid Fuel, 6 Kw, Glass Fronted, 30 mm, 3 Sided, Black, No External Air

(Best Seller) Heat Design Vitae 6kw - Non-Boiler Inset Stove Solid Fuel

  • €999.99

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Stove Finish: Glass Fronted,

Frame Size: 30 mm,

Frame: 3 Sided,

Colour: Black, External

Air Available: No External Air.

Extra Large Glass door creating a focal point in the room.

Sleek contemporary design.

Maximised heat output - preheated tertiary air system allows you to burn fuel with outstanding efficiency.

Crystal clear glass - airwash system helps to keep the glass clear.

First rate efficiency, over 83% efficient.

Easy to light.

Comes complete with Multifuel kit.

(In Fireplace)

Output: 6 kW

Width: 408mm


Depth: 335mm

Flue: 150mm