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Henley Sherwood Boiler - 25 kW

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Sherwood - New Range of Henley multi-fuel external air stoves. The Sherwood range needs to be installed with its own separate air supply. This external air supply allows the stove to be installed in a room that may otherwise be sealed to an extent that would prohibit the correct and safe burning of a stove.

The Sherwood 12 kW Boiler can heat up to 6-7 single radiators. The Sherwood 21kW Boiler can heat up to 12-13 single radiators.



  • Height: 727 mm
  • Width: 613 mm
  • Depth: 490 mm
  • Flue: 153 mm
  • Output (Room): 6 kW
  • Output (Water): 19 kW
  • Efficiency: 74%


Sherwood 12 kW (1150€)

Sherwood 21 kW (1500€)