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Henley Vienna Bio ethanol free standing stove BIO-NX-1001-WH/BK

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The Vienna is the largest bio-ethanol unit we carry in the Henley line. Extra protective glass feature available, the Vienna combines contemporary sleek style with the simplicity of bioethanol to create an impressive wood burner style bio ethanol stove.
The Vienna is perfect for the modern day home as no chimney or flue is required and it can simply be installed in any room whilst still proving an eye catching centre piece.
The Vienna can produce up to 2kW of heat and a stunning real flame which is simple to regulate and extinguish at any time.

This model is available in both black & white.

Height: 1,500mm

Width: 400mm

Depth: 400mm

Output: 1 KW 

Holds: 1.5 L

Times: 4 HR