La Nordica Inserto 70 Ventilato Tondo 10kw - No, Insert, Wood Only, 10 Kw

La Nordica Inserto 70 4.0 Ventilato Tondo 12.3kw - No, Insert, Wood Only, 12.3 Kw

  • €1,744.00

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The La Nordica-Extraflame Group produces ultra-modern, classic and rustic style wood and pellet burning stoves as well as wood burning cookers, fireplaces and boilers. Its products can also become complete but compact domestic heating systems to heat the radiators in your home. Nordica-Extraflame products lead the field and conform to the strictest emission regulations. They are also all CE (European Standards met by manufacturer) marked and certified to international standards even stricter than those in force in Italy.


Extractable ash drawer

• Hearth in cast-iron and Nordiker

• Ceramic glass heat-resistant 750° C

• Adjustable primary and secondary air, preset tertiary air with post combustion system

• Standard tangential fans

Dimensions (L-H-P)690x550x540 mm
Efficiency79,1 %
Net weight162 kg
Hourly consumption2,3 kg/h
Smoke outlet diameter160 mm
Energy LabelA