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Nordica Extraflame

Nordica-Extraflame - Comfort P70 air

Nordica-Extraflame - Comfort P70 air

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Features:• Cast Iron fire door with panoramic glass • Minimum pellet tank level probe • Emergency module (essential and handy) • Removable ash pan • Weekly programmer • Cast Iron hearth and brazier • Simplified system for insert removal with big referable handles and rails for a complete insert extraction, with 250 Kg capacity • Standard dimensions to be installed in a 700x550x550 lodging • Frontal powerful ventilation with radial fan with upside-down shovels, 540 m³/h (free port) that reduces the accumulation of dust (less maintenance).

3,0-10,0 kW rated thermal input
287 mheatable

  • Dimensions (W-H-D) 740x561x540 mm
  • Net weight 125 kg
  • Efficiency 90,9 %
  • Hourly consumption 2,2 kg/h
  • Smoke outlet diameter 80 mm
  • Feed box total capacity 15 kg
  • Energy Label A+

Upper drawer for insert €456
Front pellet loading box €258
Support Kit €327

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