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Aduro P4

Aduro P4

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Aduro P4 looks similar to Aduro P1 but behind the beautiful appearance, a more advanced technology hides. The stove is equipped with an effective air-wash system that prevents soot on the glass, a nicer flame and a centred smoke outlet at the top of the stove.

Aduro P4 is also suitable for a concentric chimney, in which fresh air comes in through the chimney and out through the stove. The integrated Wi-Fi module makes it easy to control the stove from your smartphone, regardless of time and place

Nominal power - 8 kW

Operational area - 3-8 kW

Heats - 30-140 m2

Energy efficiency - > 90% (8 kW) / > 92% (2,4 kW) 

SEER - 85%

Energy efficiency index - 129,9

Energy efficiency class - A+

Electrical power during operation - 50-160W

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