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DRU-Dik Geurts - Instyle Corner Slim 660/570

DRU-Dik Geurts - Instyle Corner Slim 660/570

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Optimal combustion, perfect fire view.

A full view of the fire from your living room. With the extension of Instyle Corner Slim into a higher version, Dik Geurts offers a solution for all existing situations. Enjoy the full flames through the unique free fire view and glass on glass in the corner. Because the side window is fitted with infrared glass, there is optimal combustion and excellent efficiency.  


  • EcoDesign Ready
  • Energy efficiency class A+
  • Fuel Wood
  • Material Steel
  • Interior Vermiculite natural
  • Output net min. (kW) 5,0
  • Output net max. (kW) 10,0
  • Max. log length (cm) 50
  • Efficiency (%) 80
  • CO emission (%-13% O2) 0,08
  • NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 104
  • Built-in depth (mm) 350
  • Weight (kg) 120
  • Approvals EN13229, Flamme Verte, BlmSchV, Defra, EcoDesign
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