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DRU-Dik Geurts - Modivar 5 Floating Plateau

DRU-Dik Geurts - Modivar 5 Floating Plateau

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Wood stove with beautiful fire view.

With the Modivar 5, Floating Plateau, you can enjoy a beautiful fire view thanks to the high glass window. The wood-burning stove stands on a Floating Plateau for a modern and spacious look and there is also room for the storage of logs. The Modivar 5 is also available with a Straight Plateau or wood compartment.

 External air kit €170


  • Energy efficiency class A+
  • Fuel Wood
  • Material Steel
  • Interior Vermiculite natural
  • Output net min. (kW) 4.0
  • Output net max. (kW) 7.0
  • Max. log length (cm) 35
  • Efficiency (%) 82.0
  • CO emission (%-13% O2) 0.09
  • NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 78
  • Built-in depth (mm) 368
  • Weight (kg) 105
  • Approvals EN13240, Flamme Verte, BlmSchV, Defra, EcoDesign
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