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DRU - Maestro 75 Tall Tunnel Eco Wave

DRU - Maestro 75 Tall Tunnel Eco Wave

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Enjoy a timeless flame picture and warmth of the fireplace.

The Maestro 75 Tunnel Tall Eco Wave is the perfect room divider with a view of the fire on both sides. Thanks to the high glass window the ultimate fire experience enters your home. In every season you can enjoy the fire because you can select various flame heights, heat emission and a LED glow bed that can be switched on and off. The fire has a very high efficiency so it is also economical in use.



  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Fuel Natural gas, Propane
  • Output net - G25.3 min. (kW) 1.7
  • Output net - G25.3 max. (kW) 9.5
  • Output net - G20 min. (kW) 2.0
  • Output net - G20 max. (kW) 10.2
  • Output net - G31 min. (kW) 2.0
  • Output net - G31 max. (kW) 10.0
  • Efficiency (%) 92.0
  • Consumption min (L/h) 245
  • Consumption max (L/h) 1318
  • Built-in depth (mm) 478
  • Weight (kg) 218
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