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Heat Design

Heat Design - TrimLine 38 Front

Heat Design - TrimLine 38 Front

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The smaller, the better! Even the smallest room in your house can be turned into the cosiest one with this fireplace!

Living in a small home does not necessarily mean having fewer options! The Trimline 38 Front is a very compact frontal fireplace, making even the smallest rooms feel cosy and inviting. It creates a luxury ambience with a single press of a button. With this fireplace a direct wall termination is possible. No chimney needed.

The version of the Trimline 38 Front shown here has been installed low to the floor, to create the same kind of feel as a traditional fireplace with mantle. The standard version has a burner bed made of wooden logs and a lamelas interior. This fireplace also comes in a two- and three-sided version. On top of that, it comes with the Ecomax remote control and you have the options of adding Wi-Fi-control with our Trimline Fires app.


Technical specifications

Natural Gas LPG
Heat input (kW) 6,4 6,2
Heat ouput max (kW) 5,2 5,2
Heat output min (kW) 2,8 2,5
Gas usage (m³/h)/(kg/h LPG) 0,7 0,4
Efficiency* % 82 84
Energy label* B B
Flue size (mm) 100/150 100/150
Weight (kg) 60 60
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