Kolton Solid Fuel Boilers (External)

The Kolton Master Solid Fuel Boiler range comes ready to heat your entire home. With a range from 13kw to 45kw we have one to meet the needs of any house.

Range Includes:
13kw = €1760

17kw = €1850 

23kw = €1900

27kw = €2100,

33kw = €2300

38kw = €2500

45kw = €2700

Can burn Coal, Turf, Briquettes, Slack, Wood.

Can work in conjuction to your Oil Boiler in a Boiler House.

To be even more efficient you can install a buffer tank with this unit so that you will always have a day's heating ready at the push of a button. You'll be a day ahead of yourself.

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